Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspiring quotes - what is art?

Image: GabrielleJones "Split Hill" 2009 Oil/Canvas 152 x 122cm

“Just something that will emerge that is unknown to me, something which is universal” Gerhardt Richter (German)

“I do not concern myself, when starting a painting, with ideas or subject matter. Without considering the end result, I know only a compulsion to find..” Frank Hodgkinson (Australian)

“Making art precipitates self doubt – stirring waters that lay between what you know you should be, and what you fear you might be.” (David Bayles, Ted Orland, “Art & Fear”)

“ I’ve tried to make my paintings moving, powerful and necessary but to give them a kind of nobility – a physical strength so they are proud of who they are…the beautiful but also the potent” Sean Scully (Irish)

“In making art you need to give yourself room to respond authentically, both to your subject matter and your materials. Art happens between you and something – a subject, an idea, or a technique – and both you and that something need to be free to move” David Bayles, Ted Orland (Authors, “Art & Fear”)

“To show the way you do something is very important…it’s a moral, ethical stance: the process should be evident in the result, and it should have a relationship to the result which is still in the work…” Sean Scully (Irish)

“I am not trying to dominate the viewer…I am trying to make a situation that the viewer completes” Sean Scully (Irish)

“Creation is extending yourself out of your body into the material, and discovering forms” Tony Cragg (British)

“I work very slowly and usually have things around for a long time before I understand where they’re going, or at least I have an idea where to take them. Basically, I get my instructions from the materials …” Jim Hodges (USA)

“The painting has no meaning, other then the meaning that’s buried in the form, which is the only meaning worth anything in art” John Currin (USA)

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