Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great New Work at Harrison Galleries

Went to Harrison Galleries opening featuring Cate Maddy, Lauren Potts and Miranda Skoczek. This is the first show for all of these artists and it is a wonderful example of what is new on the art scene. These girls really know how to paint and their work manages to straddle the fine balance between decorative (Oooh! That would look good in my home") and Fine Art (with a capital F and A). Cate Maddy had one work acquired by Art Bank and another on hold - if only I had the meagre $3200 to afford the one on hold I would have asked to snatch it if Art Bank didn't! It was a ripper! But the fact that they have acquired her work means that this could be a good investment. My only criticism is that 6 of the works were outstanding, but the two blue animal ones didn't hit the mark and for me, and put a question mark as to whether the first six were all she had in her. (In my experience, it's always easy to do 4 of anything; 6 means you can it wasn't an accident, and a show of 15 plus means you have worked long and hard and are in your stride!) Anyway, I give her the benefit of the doubt, since her mastery of spray paint, traditional oil paint methods and stencil/graphic elements was beautiful and surprising. Both Potts and Skoczek also managed a lovely painterly balance to their otherwise graphic presentations - in both cases, the juxtaposition between naturalism and flatness worked well and brought their work on par with what is happening internationally. Skoczek's work was almost as good as Maddy's, but a certain preciousness or self consciousness of paint placement showed a little less confidence and the desire to make a picture rather than interact with the painting. Well done all of you. (Harrison Galleries, 294 Glenmore rd Paddo till July 2)
What did you think of the Exhibition? Do you like Graphic and naturalism together? Post your comments here.

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