Thursday, June 11, 2009


Went to the very Schmoozy, overcrowded but at least warm on an excruciatingly cold Sydney night, opening of this show at Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern. Damien's Speech was as warm and friendly as the guy himself - he really does work at the "arts community" ideal - but David Marr's was witty and insightful - he correctly identified the "lost" status of Hill End (as in: was that it? it can't be it...we must have missed it!). This exhibition has a local (to Hill End) curator and exhibits the work of many artists who have made Hill End their home and workplace (as DM put it, there's nothing to do when it's so cold but to bunker down and use the imagination). For my money, the stand out was Raquel Mazzina followed closely by Luke Sciberras. Danelle Bergstrom puts together a competent diptych, Genevieve Carroll's Installation is whimsical and interesting and "off the wall", Bill Mosely has a beautiful ink drawing. The show is intersting to see how one place can inspire artists, or is that how artists can bring to one place inspiration? What did you think?

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