Saturday, October 10, 2009

Professional Practice part 10

Further instalment on the most commonly asked questions re professional Practice for artists.

Is your choice of materials intuitive?

I have to say that I love making stuff with anything around! Sculpture was out as a long term practice - I have a bad back and hate depending on tools to get things done (wasn't taught to weld etc as a little girl) -painting seems more direct. That applies to print making - like to mess around in acid etc but not laboriously draw, etch etc first. Like drawing - but usually prefer the wet materials - so probably a painter at heart! I respond to colour and beauty (who doesn't) and it's important to me. My choice of colours is definitely intuitive.

Do you return to painting for any specific reason? I guess, to be honest, in this day and age it's important to brand yourself to some degree. I started as a painter (it was easier to concentrate on one thing - and I wanted to get really good at it - still trying) so am known as one. I return to it in part because it's "what I do". It's only recently that I am more sure of being an artist first - so I will continue a varied practice. I enjoy the variety more than just painting. My regional gallery show (Goulburn, 2010) will hopefully contain drawings, sculpture, photography and paintings.

How do you choose materials? Why do you do what you do? Post your answers or ask questions here

Image: Gabrielle Jones Reflection 2 Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30cm

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