Saturday, October 24, 2009

Professional Practice part 11

Final Instalment to common questions re my professional practice.

How important is your studio space to the work you produce?

Very important, but less so as I gain more skills and confidence (apart from the fact that I need one to do the work- how it is set up and where it is becomes less important to me). It was important for me to invest in myself as an artist - I spent the first year or two after graduation painting from a garage - as many artists do. I went to Bundanon and had all this space. I still didn't think I could afford it, and one of the other artists quoted someone famous (de Kooning???) who said, "when you can't afford a studio, rent two!). It's a statement to the world that you are serious (but only good if you turn up to it! -there are many studios waiting for their owner day in and day out....). The financial commitment means you may be more likely to actually do the work - otherwise it's an expensive accoutrement!

As for the way it is set up - it's important to have ventilation, considerate neighbours, and a re-inforceable policy by the owners that protects the environment; and that, preferably, non-toxic chemicals or odourless solvents only be used. A dream, but worth fighting for! I can't work if people are splashing turps around (too many years of not worrying about the chemicals - it builds up!) A good studio complex is also worth it as the energy generated by happy, working, creative artists is palpable and contagious!

How important is your studio space? What do you think are important considerations when choosing a studio? Post your comments and ask any questions here

Image; Gabrielle Jones Stand 2009 Oil on Canvas 30 x 30cm

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