Thursday, October 8, 2009

Professional Practice part 9

More on professional Practice

How do you begin a new work? I usually try to start 3-4 in a day so I have a problem to start on when I come into the studio the next day, and so I don't get stuck on one painting. Usually working with a different pic allows me suddenly to see the solution I was searching for in the first.

Do you ever face artist’s block? Not often, because of my process - it's meant to keep me working! Having a problem to solve and keeping a few on the go at any one time means there is usually something to do.

If so, what do you do to deal with this? I recently had the first in my career - after ten years. I think I was bored with my own work, had no money to afford the size canvases I prefer, hadn't been in the landscape for a while, changed studios- always an adjustment period -and had already painted enough for my solo show but felt guilty about taking time off (talk about a work ethic!) So I changed mediums - drawing and sculpture. No pressure! Found I was enjoying myself, which renewed the love of what I do - and then found I wanted to paint again (rather than just turning up and going through the motions).

How do you handle painter's block? How do you face a blank Canvas? Post your comments and questions here

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Trees Wollombi 2009 Oil on Canvas 40 x 30cm

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