Sunday, October 4, 2009

Professional Practice part 7

The next instalment in commonly asked Professional Practice Questions.

Do you practice as an artist full-time?

Yes - I am in the studio about 4-6 days per week (nearly exhausted!) However, I have had jobs in between- one was 4 days per week- so I was in studio 3: and the other was 5 days per week (in studio 2 days).

Now I have a number of casual/contract jobs - this week two days teaching, one day making presentation to corporates next week two days presenting to corporates. But this isn't always the case - you need to take the paying work when you can whilst still maintaining the studio practice and your sanity! (Protect the studio practice at all costs, or you end up NOT being a practicing artist!)

Do you see this as something you would like to continue doing long term?

I am determined to - when you focus on what you want, it's more likely to happen (in my experience, the Universe does find a way - mostly a way I would never have thought of!) I feel I am on the brink of something better in my art and my career, so will hang in there until I can't pay my bills.

Is it better to practice full or part time? How do you juggle income earning with artistic practice? Post your comments or Ask any questions you would like to see answered here.

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Crossover 2009, Oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm

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