Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 6 London - getting tired-er and tired-er

Kensington Palace Orangerie as viewed from the Palace

Kew Gardens

Kew Palace and its formal gardens

Duck pond a twilight - Kew gardens

The Chinese Pagoda, Kew Gardens

Decided to take in the views at Wellington Arch (the London Pass strikes again!) since I (a) didn't notice a lift when I saw it the first time and (b) realised it's included in the LP. Well - let's just say, it's no Empire State Building, and the London trees, although still shy of leaves at the moment, block what once there was to see.
Next on to the "Enchanted Palace" exhibition at Kensington Palace, where designers such as Zara Rhodes and Dame Vivienne Westwood each took the story of one princess and designed an exhibition to artfully tell her story using the room she most lived in or which said the most about her. Totally delightful was the experience, and I learned much more about the personal lives of the monarchs and could possibly tell you a think or two about them now, whereas all the palace visiting and royalty family line quoting of the previous XX years has left a blank (probably due to very little interest). And it was good to get a bit further out of Central London and experience the parks near the palace.
And I ate an Orangerie cake in the beautiful Orangerie building.
I then made my way to Kew gardens, in the delightful suburb of - ah, Kew (another LP - can't say I am not making the most of the last day of its applicability). I put Tord Gustavsen on the iPhone with ear phones and spent a very happy 3 hours wandering all around the park. As well as Kew Palace (yet another one!) I saw all the little secret treasures - from Queen Charlottes cottage to the Japanese Garden Pavilion and the Chinese Pagoda. I even saw rowers on the Thames at sunset! But all that walking left me incredibly footsore, so I needed the fine Sangiovese at the Railway pub, whilst watching the London sun set ever so slowly amongst the tree tops against the quaint silhouettes of the Kew High Street. Another blissful day, and very sore feet.

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