Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Thursday in Mojacar

I eagerly arrived at the Mojacar Church in time for the advertised 10pm start for another Easter celebration. Two wardens and a couple of parishioners wee in the church. Time for a drink in the local Jazz Bar. The Chruch bells rang at 10:30pm, I dashed to the church courtyard, and spied another ten people inside. Time to find out more about Mojacar streets at night. Found a window scene of the passion of Christ, rather like a nativity Scene for Easter.The church bells rang again at 11:30pm - this time there were more people in the courtyard and a few more inside. This looks promising - I'll stay and people watch. The young Spanish boy whose eyes lit up when talking to a beautiful girl, who demurely looked at him from beneath her gloriously long lashes: the British ex-pats with cameras ready and impatiently flashing at nothing much, so as not to waste the time; the mid-20s Guapos males posturing to women in incredibly high heeels. Some band members raced into the church, having been delivered by the local policia to the door, as the strains of music began -at around 11:45pm!
The band played as the statues swayed - a sound something like Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass's "Spanish Bull" mixed with a dirge. Wonderful - but all too short. About 15 minutes. Did we miss something???

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