Saturday, April 2, 2011

London Day 4,5

Westminster Cathedral

Outside Buckingham Palace

The Royal carriage

Livery on the Horses

Iconic Harrods

Rodin's "The Kiss"

Sculpture in Tate Britain

Interior Globe Theatre

Sumptuous Costumes, The Globe

Interior Southwark Cathedral

Just spent an hour blogging about these days - and it's lost due to a "system error". So here's the notes:
Day 4: Tate Modern - rest of collection
Globe Theatre tour - good
Southwark cathedral - surprising
Tate Britain -Hirst, Beuys, Giacometti, Hepworth

Day 5:
Move to Vestry Mews, South East London - cab mix up but got here
Westminster Abbey and Gardens - found all the artists, poets and writers and touched their gravestones
Buckingham Palace - didn't fail to impress
Royal Mews - well, I had a london Ticket - saw the coach that Wills and Kate will use
Hyde Park Corner, St James Park (saw a squirrel) and Wellington Arch
Got the Green bag from Harrods - an International Plug since mine doesn't work
Spaghetti House for Dinner and surging crowds at Leicester Square/West End.
Saw Thriller - and it was a hoot!

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