Sunday, April 24, 2011

Drawings from the sketchbook -London and Valparaiso

Houses in the Pueblo at Mojacar

Street Scene, Mojacar Pueblo

The mountains to the East, from the square hill Valparaiso

The Thames View, London

View from the Mountain, Fundacion Valparaiso

Across to Mojacar Pueblo, from behind My studio (named "Picasso"!)

View 2 from the Square mountain, Fundacion Valparaiso

The Garden at Valparaiso - near "Pieter's Place"

I draw as a means of calming my self for later work in the studio; to remove myself from the world; to start the "seeing" process; to slow down my observation; and to train the hand to follow the eye. Here are the results of some of the more successful sketches from the residency in Spain (and one from London - it was whirlwind!)
Hope you like them!

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  1. Nice drawings of Mojácar! I have been there last spring, and i definitely recognize the landscape. I also was sketching a lot there and enjoyed the stay.
    All the best



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